Dr. Wesly's Dental Care


Dr. Wesly’s Dental Care has a legacy of over 88 years of service in Kochi. The clinic is established by Dr. Wesly Abraham, who is the third-generation of dental doctors belonging to the legacy of Puthenpurackal Dental Clinic, aka PDC, which was established in 1930 by Dr. Jacob Menesez. We are proud to have provided our esteemed services to eminent personalities like Prem Nazir, Yesudas, Arjunan Master, Srinivasan etc.

The clinic has always strived to provide the best dental care services to the patients. Utmost care, most-modern equipment, experienced doctors with expertise and well-trained support staff have made us one of the most preferred dental clinics of all times since inception. Our dental clinic specializes in providing complete dental and oral care for all ages.


We owe our legacy to the clear vision set by Dr. Jacob Menesez to provide excellent dental service quality with absolute care to all our patients.


To provide the finest dental care, with high ethical standards to our patients, educating them about oral hygiene and all possible treatment options ensuring beautiful smiles, healthy teeth and happier life.


Back in 1930, when Dr. Jacob Menesez decided to start a clinic in the then state of Travancore, in British-ruled India, his aim was to provide the best of dentistry to the community. At the time, there were very few qualified dental doctors and dental labs in town and the infrastructure was also hard to assemble. 

Dr. Jacob was determined to provide the best of facilities, equipment and dental treatment to the locals and his dedication to service was well appreciated in the community. He passed on his virtues and skills to his next generation. Dr. Wesly Abraham is the 3rd generation dentist from Dr. Jacob’s family and he brings in 20 years of exclusive experience in advanced dentistry.